school info

Our Weekly Theme table
Please encourage your child to participate and bring an item from home to add to our class theme table. They will then be given the opportunity to tell us about the item they are adding to their class theme table. This activity builds confidence and the children are made to feel apart of our theme. Please do not send  expensive items to school. We are dealing with little people and accidents do happen. 


Once a week we do baking, this is included in the termly Entertainment fee. Our kids learn a lot during these sessions and really enjoy mastering these valuable skills.

10 am Snacks
Children are permitted to bring a sandwich and a yogurt for a 10 am snack. This is not compulsory and a sandwich will be provided if you choose not to do so. (We will provide a fruit) We ask that you keep to the list. This stops any unfairness and fights.

Manners for Minors
Once a week we all participate in manners for minors, These are crucial skills that all children can benefit from.
For that reason we have included it into our school fees. 

Sun Safe
We follow a strict sun safe policy and for that reason, included in our registration pack each child is issued with sun hat which is kept  at school for daily use. We ask that each child sends 1 x sun screen lotion/spray (labelled)  to school. We will notify parents as needed.

Juice Bottles
Please send a clearly marked Juice bottle to school everyday for water/juice.

Label everything!
Please ensure all items sent to school are clearly labelled. 

At school, we get messy and dirty our clothes. Please refrain from sending your child to school in clothes that you prefer not to get messed up.

Please note that no medication will be administered without your consent. Please complete and sign our medicine register.
If your child is on antibiotics please keep them at home until they have fully recovered.